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Dump Dirty Dairy


It's time for Ben and Jerry's to go organic

Companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks and Kirtland Organic (produced by Aurora for Walmart and Costco) misrepresent their brands as being healthy, sustainable and socially responsible.

In fact, these companies support a filthy dairy industry that relies on millions of acres of GMO animal feed, unleashes tons of dangerous pesticides into soils and waterways, is cruel to animals, and produces unhealthy dairy products.

It’s time for these brands to go organic.

Take Action!

We love natural food co-ops.

Natural food co-ops usually do a good job of stocking organic and avoiding GMO, pesticide-drenched and factory-farm food.

So, we were surprised to learn that, even after we revealed that Ben & Jerry’s contained potentially dangerous levels of glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, there were still a significant number of natural food co-ops selling Ben & Jerry’s.


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