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We love natural food co-ops.

Natural food co-ops usually do a good job of stocking organic and avoiding GMO, pesticide-drenched and factory-farm food.

So, we were surprised to learn that, even after we revealed that Ben & Jerry’s contained potentially dangerous levels of glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, there were still a significant number of natural food co-ops selling Ben & Jerry’s.

Your local natural health food store could never get away with stocking its shelves with Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller. Toxins that cause cancer and birth defects don’t belong in “health” food stores.

So how do some of these stores get away with stocking Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, when our testing revealed that ten of 11 flavors contain glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup?

This week, we called 290 of the best natural health food stores and co-ops nationwide to find out which ones sell Ben & Jerry’s.

We’re relieved to report that most—198—don’t. But unfortunately, 92 (31 percent) do. Here’s the list of natural health food stores and co-ops that sell glyphosate-contaminated Ben & Jerry’s. If your store is on this list please take this letter to the store manager and ask him or her to stop selling Ben & Jerry's. After your visit, to let us know what happened.

Most of the stores that sell Ben & Jerry's  display it right next to the organic brands they sell—a move that misleads consumers into thinking Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is organic, too.


“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil

Before there were #hashtags and Internet and social media—and long before the #BlackFriday, #CyberMonday, #GivingTuesday phenomena—there was wisdom.

Virgil, a poet who lived in ancient Roman times, wouldn’t recognize today’s world. And he surely wouldn’t recognize today’s food.

But his wise words are more relevant than ever.

Billing-xpress was founded around defending your right to meaningful organic standards, to the truthful labeling and marketing of food products, to the end of taxpayer-subsidized, pesticide-drenched GMO “commodity” foods, to the end of factory farms.

With your #GivingTuesday donation we’ll work harder than ever to reclaim our common food and farming system from the chemical and junk food companies that are making us all “health-poor.” 


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