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News on Mad Cow and Chronic Wasting Disease
Mad Cow Disease, or Bovine Spongiform Encepholopathy (BSE), is a progressive neurological disorder of cattle that can be transmitted to other species, including humans. The human equivalent of this disease, Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease, causes memory loss, emotional instability, severe dementia and death, often within a year.
Cases of Mad Cow Disease occur in the U.S. each year, yet regulators only test 40,000 of the 35 million cattle slaughtered annually. In Europe, all older cattle are tested for Mad Cow Disease, and in Japan every cow slaughtered for human consumption is tested.
We demand that the U.S. government adopt and enforce mandatory testing for all cattle brought to slaughter and a ban on feeding blood, manure, and slaughterhouse waste to animals.


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