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Give Bees a Chance: Go Organic!
Bees pollinate a significant majority of the world's food, but they are disappearing at an alarming rate.
The mysterious mass death of honeybee populations is called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Neonicotinoid pesticides weaken the bee's immune system and cause disorientation, damaging the bee's ability to find its way back to the hive. Other toxic pesticides, such as glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, also contribute to CCD.
You can help protect bees by choosing organic food, grown without these toxic insecticides, and planting bee friendly gardens.

Take Action!

Remember the DARK Act vote last summer? When your Senators had to decide whether or not to block state laws requiring labels on genetically engineered food?

There’s a vote coming up in the Senate that’s even more important. It’s the vote on whether to confirm Sonny Perdue as the next Secretary of Agriculture.

Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue is a Monsanto-funded politician who made millions selling fertilizer and gaming the farm subsidy system. 

Tell Your Senators: Vote NO on Sonny Perdue for Agriculture Secretary! 

Want to rid the world of toxic chemicals? There’s no better place to start than in your own community. But how does an “ordinary” citizen with no political experience get the ball rolling?

With our friends at Beyond Pesticides, we’ve created an online tool that lets you see which communities in the U.S. have already banned or restricted the use of toxic pesticides and herbicides. You’ll even find the full text for each law—so instead of starting from scratch, you can just replicate or adapt existing laws for your own community.

More than 115 communities in 21 states have passed ordinances to protect their citizens from exposure to toxic chemicals—and in almost all those cases, it was a citizen-led group, not a city lawmaker, who led the charge.

Check out the newly launched Map of Local Pesticide Reform Policies, then sign up to learn how you can get started in your community. The map will be updated regularly. If your city, county or state has passed legislation but you’re not on the map, [email protected]

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