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Which Side is the Obama Administration On?
Organic agriculture can feed the world, turn back climate change and make food production more resilient to droughts and floods with biodiversity instead of biotech, greenhouse gas sequestration instead of emissions, natural pest management instead of toxic pesticides, humus-rich compost instead of fossil fuel fertilizers and sewage sludge, and family farms instead of factory farms.
The question of which agriculture model will dominate food production is a question we only have one opportunity to answer.

Take Action!

Have you ever wondered why genetically modified, pesticide-drenched, over-fertilized, hyper-processed foods are cheaper than organic foods grown without these expensive inputs? 

The answer is simple. These crops, destined to become refined carbohydrates, sweeteners, fats and feed for animals imprisoned in factory farms, get about $20 billion in Farm Bill subsidies every year. 

Organic produce and pasture-raised animal products get no direct support.

According to a study published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Farm Bill crop subsidies contribute significantly to obesity and diet-related disease.

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