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While Vast Majority Opposes Increase in Defense Spending, US to Vastly Increase Defense Spending

Early this February, the Republican-controlled Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed new federal budget legislation that  by $165 billion over the next two years.  Remarkably, though, a , conducted only days before, found that only 33 percent of Americans favored increasing U.S. military spending, while 65 percent opposed it, either backing reductions (34 percent) or maintenance of the status quo (31 percent).

What is even more remarkable for a nation where military spending has  over the decades, is that, during the past 49 years that Gallup has asked Americans their opinions on U.S. military spending, in only one year (1981) did a majority of Americans (in that case, 51 percent) favor increasing it.  During the other years, clear and sometimes very substantial majorities opposed spending more on the military.