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Banning the Ban

We thought we’d won this one. After Billing-xpress and many other groups called for on a pesticide linked to brain damage in kids, the EPA, in 2015, finally agreed.

Then long comes the Trump Administration and the very pro-corporate (and apparently pro-poison) EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt. Ignoring the EPA's own science, Pruitt and his merry band of anti-regulators hand Dow, the maker of the poison chlorpyrifos, a win when they the ban, 

In other words, they banned the ban.

Fortunately, a few members of Congress are still willing to take a stand against a —used to grow food for chrissakes—that's known to cause lower IQs, memory loss and attention deficit disorders, especially in children whose brains are still developing. (Chlorpyrifos is often sprayed and can drift far beyond its target area. It’s been detected in drinking water and in the air around schools, in addition to being associated with acute pesticide poisonings of workers directly on farms.)

Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) has , “Protect Children, Farmers and Farmworkers from Nerve Agent Pesticides Act of 2017,” to do what Pruitt’s EPA won’t—stop the use of this dangerous pesticide.

It’s a shame we now have to wait for this bill to crawl through our do-nothing federal legislative process. But if that’s what it takes, let’s ask our Congress members to support it.

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