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'Making the Switch'

Can a hardware store stop selling synthetic fertilizers and pesticides without going out of business?

Yes, say the owners of Eldredge Lumber and Hardware in York, Maine.

In this week’s video, produced by our friends at Beyond Pesticides, owner Scott Eldredge explains how important it is to educate consumers. It’s not just about swapping out toxic products for organic products. It’s also about taking a holistic approach to lawn management. It all comes down to life in the soil. It’s organic material—not products like —that feed the soil.

Eldredge says his customers have responded positively to the store’s decision to drop toxic products. And why not?

"You're protecting your environment, you're protecting your family, your children and grandchildren, and your neighbors. Nobody wants to have pesticides drifting into their front or year yard, and people are just loving it, they're feeding into it”


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