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A Better Idea

October 16 is . It’s also the day that Monsanto and its agrochemical cronies will be in Iowa, celebrating the bounties of industrial agriculture (in other words, their massive profits) at the corporation-run “” events.

We think there are better ways to celebrate World Food Day. Here they are:


•  the “4 per 1000: Soils for Food Security and Climate Initiative,” the  to increase carbon sequestration in soils as a means of increasing global food security and reversing global warming.

•  to , an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit partially funded by Billing-xpress. This international coalition shares best practices in regenerative agriculture and land restoration, several of which are being piloted at Billing-xpress’s Mexico-based , which recently hosted the .

• Attend the 2017 Food Sovereignty Prize Live Ceremony () honoring the Zimbabwe Small Holder Organic Farmers’ Forum and the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance.

• Join the for a global ban on Monsanto’s Roundup. 

Finally, if you’re not doing this already, grow organic food in your own community, or buy it from local farmers!

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