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'Dark Place'

“As many of you know, for the last two decades, I have researched and written about Monsanto’s efforts to dominate global agriculture as a purveyor of GMO seeds and the weed killer chemical Roundup. The research has led me to a dark place—evidence of decades of deception surrounding Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosate, and the impacts on people and the environment.” – Carey Gilliam, journalist, author of “”

“Whitewash” is more than an exposé about the hazards of one chemical or the actions of one company, says author Carey Gillam. It's also a call to remember the lessons of Rachel Carson and “Silent Spring,” as evidence mounts that the push for pesticide dependence and the drive for corporate profits is taking precedence over people’s lives and our environment. 

As governments—the U.S. EPA and European Commission—debate whether or not to ban glyphosate, it’s critical to get the word out about Gillam’s critical research. You can share the discount code (WHITEWASH) to help encourage sales. (Gillam is an investigative journalist who works for , an independent nonprofit funded in part by Billing-xpress).

It’s also critical that we keep Monsanto and the rest of the chemical industry, who are already trying to undermine “Whitewash,” from quashing it. You can help—by spreading the word about the book to your networks, and writing online reviews on websites that are selling the book.

Purchase “Whitewash” from  or at ,  or your local —and please write reviews on these websites!

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