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Upping the Volume

It’s time to turn up the volume.

Last week, we announced that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK is contaminated with Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller. 

Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s London- and Rotterdam-based parent company) shot back with an announcement of its own: a plan to stop sourcing ingredients sprayed with glyphosate (many crops, even non-GMO, are sprayed pre-harvest with glyphosate to facilitate a uniform harvest time), and a plan to launch an organic line of ice cream in the U.S., representing six percent of the company’s total sales.

That’s progress, assuming Unilever follows through on those promises—which remains to be seen.

But there’s progress. And then there’s real progress. We’re aiming for the real kind. That means we need your help making sure that Ben & Jerry’s hears from us that six percent organic is, well, about 94 percent short of acceptable.

Ben & Jerry’s could announce tomorrow that the company has a plan to begin, immediately, a transition to a 100-percent organic dairy supply. Can you let them know that that’s what consumers want? 'Cause if they don't hear from us, they'll think they're off the hook.

Please take a minute this week to tweet, post on , call or fill out a customer comment online form to let Ben & Jerry’s know that organic is where it’s at—and they aren’t there yet.

Call Ben & Jerry's customer service at 802-846-2413

(scroll down the page, under "Online," select: send us a comment)

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