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The 'Bigfoots' of Climate

Who has the biggest greenhouse gas footprint of all?

The top 20 meat and dairy companies, which all told emitted more greenhouse gases in 2016 than all of Germany, Europe’s biggest climate polluter, according to a  issued this week at the in Bonn, Germany.

Beef and poultry giants JBS, Cargill and Tyson spewed more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere last year than all of France.

Should you stop eating meat? That’s a personal choice.  

Health experts say we should all eat less meat and more plants. When we do eat meat, we should choose organic pasture-raised poultry and . 

The good news? Eating less meat, and choosing organic pasture-raised and 100% grassfed, is also  for the planet.

Regeneration International’s Oliver Gardiner, in Bonn to cover COP23, caught up with Shefali Sharma from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), which collaborated on the report.

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