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Feathering their Nests

If nutritional quality and animal welfare issues factor into your egg-buying decisions, get ready for more bad news out of the Trump administration’s U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The USDA plans to , finalized under the Obama administration, that would have required organic egg producers to provide hens with more space and more outdoor access.

The was the result of a 14-year effort by the to tighten up animal welfare rules for organic egg producers.

The OLPP was set to be enacted in January 2017. But under the incoming Trump administration’s regulatory freeze, the rule was delayed multiple times. Now the USDA wants to throw it out completely.

If the agency succeeds, organic egg producers won’t have to follow updated animal welfare rules—rules that the industry , and that consumers overwhelmingly  

Why would the USDA get rid of this law? To help “” egg producers who already existing animal welfare standards keep pocketing higher profits. 

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