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Who's Listening?

There’s a real disconnect going on between what science is revealing about life in the soil, how the health of soil life affects human health, and the decisions being made by federal policymakers about what’s “safe” and what isn’t.

A recent in-depth report by NBC News on plans by Trump’s EPA to “streamline” the process for approving chemicals included this quote by Robert Helminiak, a lobbyist for the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates:

“This EPA has worked very well with industry. They really have certainly listened to what the specialty chemical industry has to say."

They certainly have. 

Instead of listening to the warnings of scientists, the EPA listens to the chemical companies.

Instead of listening to people like you who want stronger, not weaker regulations on dangerous and potentially dangerous chemicals, the EPA listens to Monsanto and Dow and Bayer and Syngenta—hugely profitable companies whose profits are made by poisoning your food and water and air.

We have so much work to do. And it’s become increasingly apparent that we all have to participate. And that our participation must begin in our own neighborhoods and cities, so that change grows from the grassroots up.

We need to get the ear, and the support, of each and every local elected official. Because the decision makers at the top levels of the U.S. government aren’t listening to us.

As we roll out our Citizens Regeneration Lobby, we hope you’ll join in the only movement that holds any real hope of restoring real democracy so we can clean up our food and farming system—the Regeneration Movement.

Who will heed the call?

Our children and grandchildren are listening.

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