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Boycott Power

Trump has family farmers.

That’s right, Trump, who once claimed he’s “fighting for our farmers,” is passing policies that mostly benefit the big agribusiness corporations—not small farmers, and certainly not rural communities.
Robert Reich, professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, recently with Michael Pollan to discuss food and agriculture policy and inequality under the Trump administration.

Pollan, a food policy expert and author of several books including “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” didn’t mince words when it comes to Trump’s impact on food and ag policy, or where the president’s loyalties lie. Pollan explained how Trump is rolling back anything initiated under the Obama administration, including Michelle Obama’s standards for school lunch. So instead of nutritionists deciding what kids should eat, we’re back to allowing the food companies to decide.

So basically, we’re back to anything industry wants, Pollan said.

Reich and Pollan agreed that big companies are spending a fortune on brand image and, now more than ever, if you organize or threaten a consumer boycott you can have a real impact.

Pollan said:

“It’s the Achilles heel of American capitalism. They are not afraid of the government anymore, but they are afraid of their consumers attacking their brand.”

Read 'Pollan: Consumer Boycotts Are ‘Achilles heel of American capitalism.’ 

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