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More than 23 million hogs producing 10 billion gallons of liquid manure a year, equal to the amount of manure produced in the UK, France and Canada combined—that's what Iowans have to deal with.

And that’s why they’re saying "enough is enough."

Diane Rosenberg, executive director of  (JCFN), spoke at a earlier this month in Iowa. JCFN is a member of the , a coalition of 27 state, community and national organizations that addresses everything that’s wrong with factory farms, or as Big Ag calls them, confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

Rosenberg said:

“We are pro agriculture. We support responsible, respectful and  livestock production that poses no harm to communities and the environment. And we call for a moratorium on new and expanding CAFOs until there are  in Iowa. We are here today to support and announce a slate of bills introduced by Sen. David Johnson to close many of the loopholes that weaken protections for people and the environment from factory farms.”

After Rosenberg spoke, a local farmer whose family farm is under threat thanks to two new CAFOs in her neighborhood, explained how her community did everything to stop these factory farms, but “the system in Iowa failed us. The DNR regulations failed us. All we want is clean air and water. We want to continue to live on our family farms.”

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