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Oh, the Irony

What’s Ben & Jerry’s been up to while consumers have been working hard to get Ben & Jerry’s off store shelves?

It’s been furiously spinning the brand’s “good guys” story in the media.

First, there was the  calling on Facebook to clean up its “online swamp” or parent company, Unilever—with its  advertising budget—would stop advertising on the platform.

This from a company responsible for all over Vermont.

Ben & Jerry’s also recently made a big media splash about the brand’s for the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber’s new Poor People's Campaign, calling for  “a moral, economic, and political revolution and revitalization of American society.”

Ben & Jerry’s pledged a portion of the sales from its new “One Sweet World” brand to Rev. Barber’s campaign. 

Again, the irony. Here’s a brand whose suppliers are on the , talking about justice for the poor. 

As we’ve written before, the path to “one sweet world” isn’t lined with millions of pounds of pesticides.

Maybe Ben & Jerry's should spend less money promoting its brand, and more money on cleaning up its act?

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